ZOOLYMPICS challenges companies to work together for species conservation

The first-ever ZOOLYMPICS business-to-business challenge competition will be held in Korkeasaari Zoo in October 2021. In addition to a fun adventure day with employees or B2B clients, companies will support concrete work for species and nature. Funds will be raised to protect wild Amur tigers, Amur leopards and snow leopards in their habitats and to support the operations of Korkeasaari Wildlife Hospital.

Although the adventure track will not start until October, the race will start in March. ZOOLYMPICS registered teams can challenge any company operating in Finland from the moment of registration. In addition to directing participation fees to conservation projects, teams are also encouraged to raise funds for species conservation.

“Korkeasaari Zoo contributes to the protection of animal species in their habitats as part of zoos and conservation organisations network. We also want to inspire our customers to work for nature. The ZOOLYMPICS, created with HAPPYMOOR, is a new and fun way to involve companies in species protection,” says Susanna Silvonen, Marketing Director of Korkeasaari.

The success of the teams’ competition is influenced by e.g. performance on the Korkeasaari Zoo race track, challenging companies to compete, investing in team spirit and the outcome of fundraising. Points can be accumulated until the end of ZOOLYMPICS on October 31, 2021. The competition results will be announced in early November.

As with all major competitions, ZOOLYMPICS has its own competition broadcasts. Inka Henelius and Niki Juusela, who are familiar from TV sports broadcasts, speed up fundraising and raise the mood.

“Now there is a dammed need for safe, physical encounters with B2B clients and staff, and that’s exactly what ZOOLYMPICS offers. At the same time, the competition provides attending companies and communities to communicate their corporate social responsibility”, says ZOOLYMPICS’ Executive Producer Jannika Joutsenniemi from HAPPYMOOR.

The teams participating in the ZOOLYMPICS will compete in Korkeasaari Zoo in October 2021. There are two daily starts in the competition on weekdays. Each start can accommodate ten teams of up to 8 people. To ensure corona safety, the competition is held outdoors and the teams are not in contact with each other. Each team is accompanied by a host who takes care of the safe on a race day. ZOOLYMPICS is produced by HAPPYMOOR in cooperation with the Korkeasaari Zoo and Marcante Oy, which operates the restaurants in Korkeasaari.

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Jannika Joutsenniemi
Executive Producer | ZOOLYMPICS
+358 40 7003 202

Korkeasaari Zoo is a non-profit organisation whose mission is to protect species and biodiversity. Korkeasaari has been participating in international conservation projects since the 1920s, and fundraising supporting nature conservation in nature in Korkeasaari has been carried out since the 1990s.

HAPPYMOOR builds the entrepreneur-driven co-creation platform and corporate ecosystem HAPPYMOOR HARBOUR, where companies, communities and cities share activities and resources to create more sustainable business and better customer journeys.

Carita Antell and Markku Peltola-Antell, who have been entrepreneurs in the restaurant industry for more than a dozen years, founded Marcante Oy in 2002. The restaurant family includes Aino, Korkeasaari Restaurants and Bistro K.