Visual Experience Designer Varpu Laakkonen on the HAPPYMOO Messdeck

HAPPYMOOR Crew Member, visual Experience Designer Varpu Laakkonen illustrates, animates, photographs, videoshoots, and does graphic and user interface design to meet the needs of vessels arriving at HAPPYMOOR HARBOUR.

Who are you?
I am a creative and hard-working graphic designer and animator. If a picture tells a 1000 words, animation tells a whole lot more, and that’s very exciting and motivating to me. Bold colours, patterns and illustrations are a strong presence in my work.
What kind of working experience do you have?

I have made my design career mostly in Scotland and England where I worked as a graphic designer and animator at two small creative agencies and as a senior graphic designer for the city of Portsmouth in the Southeast of England. Since leaving the UK, I have worked as a freelance designer mainly working for startups in Helsinki doing projects ranging from UX/UI design to illustration and animation.

What’s your expertise as an Experience Designer?
Graphic design | Animation | Photography | Video | Editing | UI/UX

What are the characteristics that describe you as a person?
Responsible and hard working, a tiny bit crazy, kind.

What are your greatest achievements in the working life?
I took my team to the next level in terms of digital design, especially UI/UX design and animation.

What do you bring to HAPPYMOOR Harbour?
Moving images and bold colours.

What’s your motto?
Do it now.




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