The Super Furball saves the Baltic Sea Experience Format will move to February -March

The Happymoor Harbor business network has decided to move the Furball Saves the Baltic Sea experience format to February-March 2022. The reason is the uncertainty caused to businesses by the latest corona restrictions.

Based on Paula Noronen’s popular children’s books, the Furball Saves the Baltic Sea experience format combines the services and products of local businesses and communities into one part of the same story. It was originally scheduled to take place in Helsinki and Turku in October-November.

“Recent corona restrictions and the pace of government decisions are eroding business opportunities and do not treat companies providing services and products equally in the physical environment. In the experience format, the idea is that companies from different industries work together and everyone can be involved. Due to this, we have come to the conclusion that it is best to move the Furball experience format to  early spring, ”says Jannika Joutsenniemi, the corresponding producer at Happymoor Harbor.

In the common experience format of the corporate network, the Baltic Sea is in danger, just as in Noronen’s book the Furball saves herring and in the film Supermarsu. Children and their families embark on an adventure where they turn into Super Furballs  and save the Baltic Sea with their superpowers while enjoying storytelling experiences. Super guinea pig experiences are offered in cultural and adventure destinations, restaurants, hotels, sports venues and shopping malls, for example. They are united by a story that offers families with children a lot of experiences and things to do together.

Maarit Karjalainen, the restaurant manager of the CMB restaurants belonging to the network, is looking forward to February. “We just tested the Super Furball format in Junk y Vegan with children’s customers. It worked really well and the kids liked it a lot. This becomes a great thing when companies from different industries work together to build experiential the Furball routes in the city. ”

The experience formats are a new content concept developed by Happymoor, which combines the marketing, services and products and service environment of companies and communities in the same area into a unified storytelling entity. They provide people with lasting experiences to be consumed safely as micro-audiences, such as as a family, as a couple, alone, or as another small group. Along the route, the customer chooses the experiences they want from the experience format on offer.

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HAPPYMOOR HARBOR or Satama is an entrepreneur-driven platform for collaboration and a business ecosystem that brings together a new generation of experiences, business and dune. Businesses, communities, and cities in the corporate network share what they do and resources to create more sustainable business and more relevant customer routes. Together, we will make cities and regions sustainable. Experience formats are created as a result of the platform’s collaboration. The experience format combines the services and products of companies and communities into one and the same story offered to a specific target group. Companies and communities involved in experience format productions share resources for product development, marketing, sales, and production. The experts of the Crew, who are made up of professionals in the creative field and business development, coordinate the collaboration and add value to the various stages of experience format production. 30 companies and communities have already joined Satama’s growing business network: experiences, museums, hotels, restaurants, as well as leisure, cultural and commercial actors. The protection partner of the Super Guinea Pig Save the Baltic Sea experience format is Keep the Archipelago Tidy. The Super Guinea Pig experience format has received AVEK’s CreaDemo funding. The joint development of the port is supported by the City of Helsinki and the Turku Business Region.