The new name of the top notch team day at the Korkeasaari Zoo is ZOOATHLON

The name of the corporate team day ZOOLYMPICS, held at the Korkeasaari Zoo in April-June 2022, will change to ZOOATHLON. The reason for the name change lies on the Finnish Olympic Committee’s view that the name ZOOLYMPICS infringes the trademark of the Olympics.

– We have been marketing the team day under the name ZOOLYMPICS for over a year. Therefore, the demand to stop using the name in February 2022 surprised us, especially as the name ZOOLYMPICS is used at many zoo events around the world. We just want to focus on organising high-end team days for companies to promote well-being at work, and to conserve team spirit and endangered species. That is why we have decided to change the name to ZOOATHLON, explains the Executive Producer Jannika Joutsenniemi.

The COVID-19-era recommendation to work remotely finally ended at the end of February in Finland. After a long period of remote work, ZOOATHLON offers companies the opportunity to improve the team spirit of their employees, introduce new team members to each other and reward their employees with an awesome adventure route and a world-class taste journey.


On the ZOOATHLON adventure route, team spirit safely recovers outdoors between your own team. The participating teams gain points based on e.g. the wit, agility and collaboration skills of the team. All the checkpoints of the adventure route have been inspired by the characteristics of the animal species. The team day culminates in a world-class taste journey in the ZOOATHLON village.

In ZOOATHLON’s playful race, teams and companies compete not only for their own team spirit, but also for who performs best on the adventure route. ZOOATHLON’s medal table is ruthless, but luckily the jury can be bribed with a protection money. Each company can choose to protect either endangered Amur tigers and Amur leopards, snow leopards or Korkeasaari Wildlife Hospital.

Above all, ZOOATHLON wants to build a better employee experience. For companies, a good employee experience means more innovation, greater customer satisfaction and better profits. That is why ZOOATHLON has been developed in collaboration with employee experience experts.

ZOOATHLON will be held this spring for the first time in history at the Korkeasaari Zoo. ZOOATHLON is an experience format which was co-created at the HAPPYMOOR HARBOUR for the zoo environment with companies in mind as a target group. The goal is to replicate the experience format to zoos around the world in the future, in the same way that successful television series are replicated as TV programme formats from one country to another.

Save your team spirit – from endangered to vital at the Korkeasaari Zoo. Reserve your competition package at the address: !