SuperPark looking forward to the Super Furball adventure

The sports park also succeeding in Asia opens a new park in Kuwait and offers Super Furball experience at Turku and Helsinki.

An indoor activity park SuperPark is a full blooded Finnish success story. Before the corona pandemia struck they also had six parks in Asia. Three of the Asian SuperParks have already been reopened and the parks have been filled with joy and movement, Kirsi Ojakoski, the country manager of SuperPark Finland tells us.

These days there is also a whole new territory opening, when the first SuperPark of the Near East is opening in Kuwait.

There is also a lot happening at the parks of Finland. The first renovation of the year is the arrival of the experience format Super Furball saves the Baltic Sea to SuperPark. Families with children get to adventure as Super Furballs at SuperPark Vantaa and Turku for the whole spring starting in February.

The children’s favourite character Super Furball – known from the books and films of Paula Noronen – brings the element of storytelling as a part of SuperPark activity experience. Children become Super Furballs and together with their parents jump to a story, in which the goal is to save the Baltic Sea from an oil accident by stopping the mean Minions of the conspiracy S@as.te.

– In this experience format of Super Furball there is a really nice story, which goes very well with us. The families get to do activities together and there is also the element of responsibility, says Ojakoski pointing at the conservation of the Baltic Sea, which is a part of the format.

– And as a name this Super Furball fits us perfectly. Had you come to visit SuperPark earlier or not, you’ll get something new out of it. It gives you an additional story with which to experience the park in a new way. I’m expecting Super Furball to be a very functional adventure concept, Ojakoski says and smiles.

Super Furball saves the Baltic Sea experience format is produced by HAPPYMOOR Harbour business community. Ojakoski is thankful for the coworking.

Had we done this alone, there would have been much larger need for the usage of time, money and other resources. Especially during this pandemia era it is important for companies to work together, when making business has been harder.

But, what is the secret behind the success of SuperPark? Versatility, Ojakoski sums up. In SuperPark, having fun and entertainment meet the benefits of moving. We haven’t been able to find another concept in the world offering as vast a spectrum of different exercises for all ages from small children to full-growns, Ojakoski confirms.

Especially in Asia, this success has been driven by relaxation. We have been able to offer a new option to the execution-oriented culture. Both adults and children have gone to exercise together as they have been compelled by the idea that sports doesn’t have to be work, but play and in that way also very beneficial.

Name: Kirsi Ojakoski
Title: Country Manager
Organization: SuperPark Oy
Education: Master of Business Administration
Career: Starting in the field of ICT and new media. Has been working in the field of sports for 18 years as a franchise entrepreneur of Gymi – exercise club for children, as an exercise instructor, fustra-coach and as a personal trainer. Changed to SuperPark a generous five years ago.
Family: 18-, 16- and 14-year old kids.
Hobbies: All-around sports and outdoor activities. “My repertoire is almost as vast as in SuperPark.”
Motto: Things tend to work out. ”It has been in use especially as of late.