Super Furball Turns Cities into Experience Parks

Paula Noronen’s popular Super Furball book series has already become a movie and now it has turned into a co-created experience format.

The Super Furball Saves the Baltic Sea experience format storifies  the services and products  of companies and communities as part of the same story in Helsinki and a couple of other cities. In this way, residents and visitors are promised a completely new kind of experience in October 2021.

In the experience format, the Baltic Sea is in danger, just as in the Super Furball Saves the Herring and in the movie Super Furball. The children and their families embark on an adventure where they turn into Super Guinea Pigs and save the Baltic Sea with their superpowers. Super Furball Saves the Baltic Sea experiences are offered in, for example, adventure destinations, restaurants, hotels, sports venues and shopping malls. Along the route, the customer chooses the experiences they like from the experience format on offer.

Experience formats are a content concept developed by HAPPYMOOR. Experience formats combines the marketing, services and products and service environment of companies and communities in the same area into a unified story. Experience formats provide people with long lasting experiences to be consumed safely as micro-audiences, for example, as a family, alone, as a couple, or as a part of a small group.

“The Super Furball Saves the Baltic Sea is a so-called Pink Label experience format, in which the world and characters created by Paula Noronen, who are successful in books, are taken to a physical encounter. The experience format has its own, independent story, ie a storytelling framework that connects all the services and products offered by the experience format. Customers can choose the experiences they want from the experience format they offer, as they also serve as independent experiences, ”says Janne Metso, HAPPYMOOR’s Head of Scripts, experience designer.

Companies and communities involved in experience format production share resources for product development, marketing, sales, and production. Production is promoted on a collaborative platform in HAPPYMOOR Harbor. Co-operation is coordinated by the Crew Network, which consists of professionals developing the creative industry and business, generates value for the various stages of experience format production.

“Through collaboration, companies and communities in the creative and event industries, culture, tourism, trade and services, which Corona has severely disciplined, share the input and risk of creating new supply and demand. At the same time, the experience format generates new revenue streams for the companies and organizations involved in production, increases the average purchase of customers, brings new customers and repeat visits, ”says Jannika Joutsenniemi, CEO of HAPPYMOOR and responsible producer.

HAPPYMOOR Harbour Helsinki network already includes more than 30 companies and communities, including experiences, museums, hotel and restaurant chains, cultural and trade players. The Super Furball Saves the Baltic Sea experience format extends collaboration to more cities.