Super Furball and Keep the Archipelago Tidy Association to save the Baltic Sea together ja Pidä Saaristo Siistinä Ry pelastamaan yhdessä Itämerta

The Super Furball Experience Format and Keep the Archipelago Tidy Association are punching together in the Baltic Sea rescue efforts. At the same time, the work of the Keep the Archipelago Tidy Association for the benefit of the Baltic Sea and Finnish waters is supported. Based on Paula Noronen’s popular children’s books, the Super Furball Save the Baltic Sea experience format combines the services and products of local companies and organisations into one and the same story in Helsinki and Turku next October. At the same time, the work of the Keep the Archipelago Tidy Association for the benefit of the Baltic Sea is supported.

‘Super Furball saves the Baltic Sea’ experience format is implemented by the Happymoor Harbor business network. In the story, the Baltic Sea is in danger just like in Noronen’s book Super Furball Saves Herring and in the movie Supermarsu. The children and their families get into an adventure where they turn into Super Guinea Pigs and save the Baltic Sea and its fish with their superpowers. Super Furball experiences are available in, for example, adventure destinations, restaurants, hotels, sports venues and shopping malls. Along the route, the customer chooses the experiences they like from the experience format on offer.

– The partnership with Happymoor Harbor is a great thing. It promotes ecologically sustainable growth business more broadly. In the experience format, even small companies have the opportunity to enter the rescue work of he Baltic Sea. It’s also great to have a children’s favourite like the Super Furball as a partner. Super Furball books and the film have already nicely opened up the importance of protecting the Baltic Sea for children, says Aija Kaski, Secretary genera of Keep the Archipelago Tidy.

Keep the archipelago tidy ry is fighting against eutrophication, chemicalization and littering in the Baltic Sea. Its Roope services such as waste points, dry toilets and dishwashers help boaters sail more sustainably. The Neat Beach program coordinates the cleaning of beaches and distributes education in schools, for example. In the Plastic Stomachs communication campaign, urban manhole covers are marked with colourful stickers to increase awareness of the sources of garbage and reduce littering.

– Super Furball saves the Baltic Sea fits our values ​​like rubbish in the trash. In the experience format, together we can now expand our effectiveness through experiences, says Kaski.

– In the experiences of the Super Furball saves the Baltic Sea experience format, children can truly protect the Baltic Sea, as each experience is made by a member of our business network who makes a donation to the work done by Keep the Archipelago Tidy for the Baltic Sea. The experiences of the experience format are mainly produced for people by order. This prevents unnecessary consumption of natural resources, says Jannika Joutsenniemi, CEO of Happymoori and responsible producer of the experience format.

The experience formats are a content concept developed by Happymoor. Companies and communities involved in experience format production share resources for product development, marketing, sales, and production. Production is promoted on a collaborative platform in Happymoor Harbor.. 30 companies and communities have already joined the growing business network: experiences, museums, hotels, restaurants, as well as leisure, cultural and trade actors. The supermarsu saves the Baltic Sea experience format has received a cultural grant from the City of Helsinki and AVEK’s CreaDemo funding. Turku Business Region is the partner for Turku’s regional operations.




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Jannika Joutsenniemi | Managing Director, HAPPYMOOR 040 700 3202
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Contact Aija Kaski |Secretary General, Keep the Archipelago Tidy Association. | 040 528 7145

HAPPYMOOR HARBOR or Satama is an entrepreneur-driven collaborative platform and business ecosystem. In the port, we share a new generation of experiences, business and dune. Businesses, communities and cities in the corporate network share what they do and resources to create more sustainable business and more relevant customer routes. Together, we will make cities and regions sustainable.

Keep the Archipelago Neat Association is a nationwide environmental organization for all waterborne people. The association has been working for cleaner archipelago and lake nature since 1969.