On Starboard HAPPYMOOR Chief Officer Miia Hirvonen

Who are you? My name is Miia Hirvonen. I’m an Entrepreneur with a passion for creating world class services for other entrepreneurs. I’m a mother of Juuso, a wife to Petri and a pack leader to Toffe. I’m a firm believer in the power of networking and working together to achieve great things. What kind of working experience do you have? I have over 20 years of supporting various organisations achieving their goals within shipping, telecom construction, HR systems and education. My titles have included Financial Manager, HR Manager, Administration Manager and Service Director so I have a rather versatile experience. I have been a superior for 15 years for very different teams ranging from an expert team of less than 10 people to rapidly growing international teams operating on five continents and from centralising and leading a unit of 60 people in the public sector to supervising three separate teams with different tasks in a large vocational college. I have been teaching and coaching people in the early years of their professional career and leading experienced professionals during their final years before retirement and everything in between. What’s your expertise? My expertise areas are strategy creation and implementation, leadership and people management, human resources development and financial administration – from domestic to international, from public to private sector, from publicly listed group to technology start-up. So I have a very versatile background. What are the characteristics that describe you as a person? I love working with people, tackling challenges and creating something new. I act fast and love to learn. I love the big picture and forward thinking, but I can also be very precise. Off duty, I am a rather bohemian hedonist. I try to create a relaxed and happy atmosphere. How long have you been an entrepreneur? I am a rookie as an entrepreneur, just started this summer. I have dreamt about it for years though. What are your greatest achievements in the working life? Naturally I hope they are still ahead of me. So far I would have to say the ten years I spent in a fast growing, internationalising company, moving from an expert position to a manager and finally to the management team. Those years were full of speed and dangerous situations but also some magnificent moments of success I shared with great colleagues. Why did you join Happymoor and what do you bring on board the ship? I met Jannika to tell her about my services and she told me about Happymoor. I got extremely excited and felt that even though my experiences in the working life differ considerably from hers, I also have a lot to offer. I don’t have experience from the creative side but I do bring with me knowledge of people, business and financial administration. This is also a fantastic opportunity for me to learn new things through working with other entrepreneurs. I believe that by looking at things from various perspectives we will definitely be able to create great results! What’s your favourite quote? Never ever give up. Wanna work with Miia, join Happymoor Crew! Contact Miia Miia Hirvonen Crew Captain Happymoor People & Biz +358 40 513 4351 miia@happymoor.com