In the English Navy, at the time of the sailing ships, a red thread was tied to the ropes, which could not be removed without unloading the entire rope. In the same way, the red thread of the story carries the storyline forward. If the red thread drowns, the story becomes confusing.

We co-create next generation experiences by utilising storybased experience design. Like a red thread, the storybased experience design links the company’s marketing, services and service environment to the customer into a unified experiential, inclusive experience. It not only strengthens commitment to the brand, but also brings business benefits in euros.

We use HAPPYMOOR HACK method to develop business with the quick-pay-back model.

In the DISCOVER phase, we identify opportunities and challenges.
In the DREAM & DESIGN phase, we envision and design a solution to an identified opportunities and/or challenges-
In the DO phase, we implement / test the solution.
In the DELIVER/DISMISS phase, we take the solution into production / spread it to other activities, further develop it or throw it overboard.

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