By popular demand HAPPYMOOR Crew Batch I new dl Tuesday 26th

We got many inquiries on Sunday 24th the Happymoor Crew Batch I deadline date whether we could give more time for applying as the message hadn’t reached everyone interested by the dl. We are happy to hear the Happymoor Crew receives such an interest! As with successful applicants, the application process is followed by Happymoor Start and the first date of action is already on 2th October and Kick Off on 11th, we can give more time for applying until Tuesday 26th by midnight! Don’t be too modest to apply – we ask many questions to get a full pictures of the applications – it does not matter if you have strong expertise only on one or two domains, as long as you fit the Crew! We are looking for professionals with can do attitude. On top of your own business, you want to be part of Happymoor Crew co-creating, marketing, selling and delivering joint service formats, own productions and assignments, develop your own capabilities and share and do things differently, together. You share the passion for moving people both emotionally and as returning customers. You may be e.g. professional from creative industries, experience design, marketing, sales, data & analytics and/or business development. We have especially room for experts of digital media and blogging & vlogging. Experience in entertainment and leisure businesses is a great plus but not a requirement. Apply before Wednesday 27th September!

If you any questions, do not hesitate to contact us | +358 40 7003202 | +358 40 5134351