#happymoorfinland brings together businesses, communities, residents and city organisations to build more appealing, entertaining cities and more sustainable businesses. Now, if ever, there is a need for a common front and joint action to deal with an acute emergency, but at the same time it is also important to plan for post-corona recovery measures.

We are companies and communties creating happiness to our city with our services and products. We want the #happymoorfinland pilot project to be executed so that, by working together and sharing resources, we can turn the vitality of our company / community and our city up quickly after the difficult times.

With this appeal, we are asking government and city decision-makers, as well as other public sector actors, to support the pilot actions of this new collaborative format, business ecosystem and platform. We want to be together to increase the vitality of our city and we hope that our hometown will be among the #happymoorfinland pilot cities.


  • If your company/community operates in more than one city, please choose the city where your headquarters are.
  • You may happily support the pilot though you were a B2B company. If you are a creative or business development solo entrepreneur, please choose B2B solo entrepreneur. If bigger, please choose B2B other.


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