Open HAPPYMOOR Crew’s Christmas Gift

HAPPYMOOR Crew remembers this year all businesses with a Christmas gift with which

  • You’ll register to HAPPYMOOR Harbour without a registration fee worth 290-990 euros. The registration includes a check-in in which e we will suggest your vessel a route and tools to help you grow your business quickly, and advise you on the interesting Harbour activities that your company might be interested in engaging with.
  • You will have a free subscription at the HAPPYMOOR Harbour for 6 months without Harbour Fee, worth 60-1380 euros.


You get your gift by using a code joululahja2019.

Open Your Gift!!

At the HAPPYMOOR Harbour, cities, businesses and communities share activities, resources, expertise and experiences to create better customer journeys, more personalised experiences, and happier residents and visitors, individually and together. HAPPYMOOR Harbour operates currently only in Finnish.