On Starboard HAPPYMOOR Captain Jannika Joutsenniemi

Who are you? My name is Jannika Joutsenniemi. I’m an Experience Enthusiast and Entrepreneur with a passion for moving people. I love creating better experiences, brands and businesses with a purpose and impact impact. I’m also a proud mother of a 4 year old super dude Noel. When I’m not building Happymoor ventures or playing with my son, family or friends, I try to keep fierce by playing floorball as a right forward in Tappajamarsu ‘a killer guineapig’ team playing in the 2nd division. What kind of working experience do you have? I have over 20 years of experience in both B2C&B2B within hospitality, leisure and entertainment industries, incl. zoo, travel, TV, film, animation, arts & culture, music. What’s your expertise? My expertise includes content production, concept and experience design, brand leadership, marketing, sales, PR, events and strategy, business operations and development. What are the characteristics that describe you as a person? I’d like to think that I’m creative, brave, curious and productive when needed. This question intrigued me to ask some of my friends, colleagues and peers opinion. Here are some of the things they said: visionary, sharp & smart, fast, enthusiastic, energetic, inspiring, determined & persistent, witty and even a little bit nuts …thanks guys and girls, sounds great if even half true, aye? I myself think that these things may apply given that I’m involved with something that makes me tick and I feel passionate about. Sometimes I do take time to assess things so not all things come fast. Meet me and judge yourself! How long have you been an entrepreneur? I was almost literally born on the floor of our family business Jukkala, one of the first children’s clothing and products chains in Finland. I have also worked for our family business within ICT, run nowdays by my sister and brother. I founded my first “own” company when I was 21 but it took me 20 years in between that I thought that it’s time to take all that great experience I have gained through out my working life and put it to work for what I’m passionate about, with a bigger scale. So Happymoor was born. What are your greatest achievements in the working life? I hope that my greatest achievements in working life are yet to become in a form of Happymoor Movement taking first over Finland but then going global. Looking to the past, I have had a pleasure of working with many great projects, companies and talented people, from travel to music & film and everything in between. All my fondest memories and perhaps greatest accomplishments all lead to Helsinki Zoo, the biggest zoo and one of the most visited attractions in Finland. I was the first Marketing Manager and an employee with a university degree in business to join the organisation. Thought Helsinki Zoo was and is very renowned zoo in the global zoo community and visited by the crowds, oh boy, there was opportunity for taking things to a next level. One of my favourite accomplishments there was to head an event team to turning a yearly big cat feeding evening event of a few thousand visitors to 16 000 people (full house) attracting award-winning event year after year with a strong conservation message and offering supported by artists, actors and other volunteer people, in addition to raising over half a million euros to the conservation Amur Tiger and Leopard conservation over 5 years. My zoo time was successful financially too as we doubled the sales of the zoo in 5 years. What do you do at Happymoor? I’m the co-founder of Happymoor, or like I sometimes jokingly refer to myself as our “shirtless dancing guy” . So I do everything that takes us further there by first taking over Finland and who knows everywhere else. I’m also the Crew Captain of Happymoor Creative focusing on developing the tools for branding and storytelling and experience innovation and design and getting talent to step onboard to help companies that sell stuff or services turning into next generation Experience Merchants. What is your favourite quote?Jannika_17_www_captain My favourite quote is ‘Fail fast to succeed soon.’ by David Kelley though I don’t always excel at executing as I’m preaching, meaning that I like to take time to think over stuff and not just execute them ASAP, but I’ll try to get better at it. The day you start to think that you’re an expert on something, you’ll stop learning. Especially when we talk about experiencing which is a very subjective matter. Contact Jannika jannika@happymoor.com +358 407003202 Join Happymoor Crew!