On HAPPYMOOR Messdeck Change Coach, Experience Designer Taina Arjanmaa

Let’s meet one of the newest additions to the awesome HAPPYMOOR Crew!

Who are you?
Someone once described me as an athlete, who never gives up and always aims for improvement. I do service design and personal training with that type of resilience and drive and I always aim for the first place, for the win, for the best achievement possible.

I’ve done UI design, usability and Customer Experience design in the digital world over 13 years after graduating from University of Tampere. The world has been pulling me towards more holistic view and business design setting. I master facilitative methods and am good in grasping the essential and most compelling things in novel ideas.

I want to always learn new things, and partly because of that I started schooling for my second profession as a personal trainer after teaching dance for roughly 20 years. As I love learning, I have not stopped conquering new worlds and by this date know quite a lot about nutrition, exercise and motivation.

What kind of working experience do you have?
I’ve been a dance teacher and group exercise coach for over 20 years. Trained and active personal trainer I’ve been for companies and individuals for 8 years. Service design has been my main breadwinner for over 13 years, which of strategic design and business design have been around roughly 5-6 years.

I’ve trained over 100 individuals and over dozen groups. As a Service Designer, I’ve been part of companies ranging from 5 to over 40 000 strong. I’ve done over 100 projects, small and big in scale and lasting from few days to multiple years. Most important thing these experiences have taught me is adaptability and ability to get a grip of fast changing sceneries.

What’s your expertise?
By means of user centered methods and facilitative maneuvers I am able to find the essential fast and easy. By using similar methods I am able to help my personal training clients to find and reach their targets securely. They say I have power and enthusiasm like no other, so if you are searching for eager and agile coach, you got me.

What are the characteristics that describe you as a person?
Fast, relentless and vibrant. Also very much hangry 😉 Always asking why, always wanting to hear the answer and understand it too. Like a loyal pet dog, I always want to be in the middle of the action, with a lot of people around. I’m super focused on one thing until the next more intriguing comes along.

What are your greatest achievements in the working life?
Launching new services is always great if it includes better user experience and/ or lots of saved work and cost. Still the most magical moments have come from personal training where client has finally pedaled through 5 minutes of cardio or another informs me that their hate for gym has transformed into love affair (later evolved into a career in body fitness). So the “little” things that mean the world to the individual are my greatest achievements.

What do you bring to the HAPPYMOOR Harbour?
I want to be a part of working life revolution. I see that as a single entrepreneur I can only reach so much, but as part of a big company my hand might be tight too much. I want people to work with and build a well oiled community of entrepreneurs. I think that together we can create something bigger that none of us would be able to do on their own. I drive, push and innovate and am willing to drag the cat out of the bag. Also I hope to bring joy, laughter and fun times to Happymoor community.

What’s your motto?
Every day offers a learning opportunity
AND It is OK to change your mind (as IKEA tells us)



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