On HAPPYMOOR Messdeck determined Katri Nykänen

On HAPPYMOOR Messdeck determined Katri Nykänen

Who are you?
I am a freelancer and entrepreneur living in Berlin and driven by strong believe that wellbeing and productivity in a workplace go tightly together. I have done doctoral research on the topic of public management in the social and health care. I am creative and analytical. Creativity is also an essential part of my free time, which I like to spend painting, writing and working on short films.
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What kind of working experience do you have?
My most relevant work experience comes from the academic world, where I as an action researcher have been part of developing workplaces by helping to create networks and by training them in network management at the same time as I have developed the theories of public management. As a part of my academic career I have lectured in several universities in Finland and in Germany on the topics of networks, wellbeing services, innovations and brands. I have also been developing and managing a further education program that I was part of running for three semesters.

What’s your expertise?
My expertise includes networks, network management and public management. I am especially interested in workplace dynamics and wellbeing. In order for us in HAPPYMOOR to be able to work on these issues I have developed an analyzing tool to help us train and understand the organisations we are working with. Professionally speaking my passion is to help workplaces become communities where structure, culture and management support the wellbeing and prevent sexual harassment and bullying.

What are the characteristics that describe you as a person?
I am analytical and naturally concerned with finding solutions to challenges as well as predicting challenges. I use time and effort to find the best possible solution to solve current challenges and prevent challenges in the future. I give my all to the task at hand. I am friendly and easy to approach when I at the same time have the presence that make people listen to me.

What are your greatest achievements in the working life?
The biggest achievements I’ve had in the work life are connected to my experience as a teacher and as an action researcher. As a teacher I know I have been able to have a positive impact to the lives of several children by listening to them and giving them the support the other adults in their life were not able to give. As an action researcher I have been able to make people understand their role and their own researchers in a new way in very hierarchical organizations. At the same time I have been part of creating a more empowering and supporting atmosphere to these organizations.

What do you bring to the HAPPYMOOR Harbour?
First of all I bring my strong experience and expertise in the social and health care and my passion to promote wellbeing and productivity in workplaces. To the HAPPYMOOR I have brought theoretical knowledge and experience in applying theories in practice to renew prevailing practices in organizations. This we can together in HAPPYMOOR Harbour use to help organizations and create new knowledge together.

What’s your motto?
Nothing is impossible, you just need to be creative

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