On HAPPYMOOR Messdeck Designing Sales Engine Marja Immonen

Who are you? I am a hospitality and service business professional with a versatile career path. Whenever needed I have always moved on to the next challenge with an open mind. My passion is to create authentic customer experiences for people with people.

What kind of working experience do you have? My core competence is based on working with people in different managerial roles in sales and in daily operations in hospitality and in other service fields. During my career I have been working with clients in various fields such as food and textile industry as well as with companies in the public sector.

What’s your expertise? My expertise areas are sales, customer experience management, team leadership and leading service operations. My newest passion and competence is service design and Design Thinking and learning how to apply them in business. I really get a kick out of designing and creating new business. I would like to think that I am skilled in finding insight of the customer’s deepest needs. I am a great planner and motivator of people and I get things done.

What are the characteristics that describe you as a person? One could say that I am an eternal student of life. I love to attend to all kinds of events where I get to meet new people and to grow my social and professional network. I read a lot of books and keep up with phenomenon and discussions in various channels. I aim to think outside the box and to find a different perspective. I am interested in people’s motives behind their actions in order to learn to understand better others and also myself.

How long have you been an entrepreneur? We founded our company in 2016 and I have been along ever since.

What are your greatest achievements in the working life I am thrilled to have had the opportunity to work with so many creative colleagues in hospitality industry and in event catering. During those years we have started new restaurants and created so many amazing experiences on special locations like a swimming bath facility, a water plant, an outdoor field, an airport or a parking lot.

Why did you join HAPPYMOOR and what do you bring on board the ship? I used to work with Happymoor Captain Jannika Joutsenniemi some years ago. Our paths crossed again last spring and I learned about this exciting idea of Happymoor’s will to move people. After hearing the story from Jannika I was ready to jump on board and here I am, one of the happy Happymoor Crew Members. Along my social personality I bring on board with me solid experience in customer experience management and goal-oriented sales skills.

What’s your favourite quote? If there is a will there is a way.   On Happymoor Messdeck is a series of people behind HAPPYMOOR CREW.  Read more about Happymoor Crew! #happymoorcrew