On HAPPYMOOR Messdeck Anna Huhtanen

HAPPYMOOR Crew Member, Anna Huhtanen is taking a part in HAPPYMOOR Experience Designer Trainee-program. The goal of the program is that the attendee continues after the internship as part of our HAPPYMOOR Crew in class work and projects

Who are you?
I’m Anna, a Junior Programmer from Turku. I’m currently studying Business Information Technology and aiming to graduate in a year. I’m interested in web designing and programming. In ICT I want to utilise my creativity.

What kind of working experience do you have?
I have been working in social services, restaurants, as a cleaner, secretary.. Before Business Information Technology studies I graduated with a Bachelor of Social Services.

What’s your expertise?
Programming, web designing.

What are the characteristics that describe you as a person?
Diligent, trustable, funny.

What are your greatest achievements in your working life?
I’m proud of the responsible tasks that I’ve been given. For example, in one workplace I was guiding new employees.

How did you find HAPPYMOOR Experience Designer Trainee-program?
I found HAPPYMOOR Experience Designer Trainee-program’s advertisement via my school and got very excited. I felt HAPPYMOOR inspiring and thought that I could develop my tech-skills and creativity.

How has it been?
The program has been very rewarding. I think I’ve learned a lot: WordPress and marketing, for example.

What do you bring to HAPPYMOOR Harbour?
Happy knowledge of ICT.

What’s your motto?
“If it’s meant to be, it will be.”

HAPPYMOOR Crew facilitate the operations of HAPPYMOOR HARBOUR and produce the tools that our Dockyard offers. The Crew is a growing community of creative and business development professionals. On the Messdeck series introduces members of our Crew.