On HAPPYMOOR Messdeck Laidback Visual Marketing Wizard Milla Kissaniitty

Who are you? I am a youthful forty-something Graphic Designer from northeastern Helsinki. I live with my husband, a teenager, a couple of cats and a snake. My hobbies are travelling, camping, culture, and I’m an active player in the organisation. What kind of working experience do you have? I have studied my field throughout my adult life. Several office works have taught me taking care of routines effectively and managing things within multidisciplinary multi-operational environment.  I have worked as a Multiamedia Trainer teaching me to speak jargon understandably; as a Salesperson teaching me to give customers more than they bargained for; as a Visualist teaching me to sell visually and as a Marketing Assistant teaching me to connect marketing communication to visual expression. As an Graphic Design Entrepreneur I have created dozens of corporate identities, nearly hundred websites and giga loads of marketing materials. My understanding of different businesses has been increased by working with customers from dozens of different industries. What’s your expertise? I’m an expert in visualising the wishes and ideas of the customer in a desired way. When a customer has a vision but no tools to implement it, I squeeze the desired outcome even if through multiple choices. What are the characteristics that describe you as a person? I am open, flexible, easy and reliable partner.   I have been claimed being a fun companion and easily making tedious situations to look brighter. How long have you been an entrepreneur? In February 2017 became 5 years full of entrepreneurship. What are your greatest achievements in the working life I have reached a perfect harmony between work, family, leisure time and hobbies. I have also gathered a great network of experts in different fields of business so that I’m never left alone when needing help. Why did you join Happymoor and what do you bring on board the ship? I have worked more and less independently the whole time of my entrepreunership and I miss the projects in which I can be part of the crew to create and develop new ideas.  I am a perpetual student and I get easily excited about new things. I want to develop myself both professionally and personally. As a Happymoor Crew Member, I´ll bring my visual skills to the projects both in print and online. When the purpose is to stand out positively, in a clear manner and the customer’s wishes in mind, I’m the right boatswain for the job, not a solo sailor. What’s your favourite quote? “Why gathering stuff in a corner to get dusty when you can keep everything you need in your head ?!”     On Happymoor Messdeck is a series of people behind Happymoor Crew.  Read more about Happymoor Crew!