Mobedig was chosen to compete in the Kasvu Open!

Mobedig, the company powering HAPPYMOOR,  is one of the 15 companies chosen among 77 applicants that assured the Kasvu Open jury with its Growth Plan. Kasvu Open is the largest project for sparring eager to grow companies with growth experts in Finland. Throughout the competition every eager to grow company has an opportunity to present own growth plan to a great number of experts free of charge. As a result, companies have a clarified growth plan, enlarged network of the best possible growth venture experts and investors in the country. The name of the competition combines two words “kasvu”, which means growth in Finnish, and “open”, which summarizes the idea of the competition being open for every type of a company and for any expert willing to share own knowledge on a pro bono basis. The aim of Mobedig is learn a lot of new and to be chosen to the finals.