LOGBOOK: What is Storification?

Sometimes storification is mistaken to be any kind of use of storytelling in the field of business, basically same as storytelling. But that is not at all true. I decided to start using the term storification here in Finland ten years ago when I started creating this method of story driven strategic design.

I made some research and found out that the term Storification was not at all in used in business context. So I decided to call my method storification to make the difference between using storytelling and creating customer experiences into a story that can be experienced in action, by all senses of our customers. At the same time I started using the term storyfier in Finland for the first time, for this new profession I was launching, which is kind of like the scriptwriter of the business world. In English I have not used  the term storyfier that much, since I feel this is probably the only word that sounds better in Finnish than in English, so i prefer using story designer when describing my work in English.

My Finnish book on storification (Tarinallistaminen) published in 2014 received the Silver Award from the Finnish Association of Marketing, Technology and Creativity (MTL) in the Best Book on Communication and Marketing category in 2015. In this book I layed out the overall method of storication, how to use the storytree -method to define your company story elements? How to stage your story as an experience? Both in the digital and physical service environment? And finally how to design your customer journey into a story?

If storification is not about telling our company story, what is it then?

Storification is not just about telling stories; it is about creating a story for our customers to experience. It is strategic design where we use the story as a tool for our design process, and not just some content, but a real story. A story that has a storyline, and has dramatised and fictional parts in it. So this is not about telling your company story in the sense you are used to do it. This is about letting your customers get excited and engaged with the story experience you have created for them.

By storification, the company stands out and leaves memories

Storification is not only for the experience industry, it can also be used as a tool in B2B companies. When HAPPYMOOR did a brand renewal for the technology company Islet the storfication played an important role to make the desired change

Excerpt from the Islet core story:

We are here for you. Fresh sea air has torn us, and with us we bring you Arctic power. The Islet is a stable island in the middle of the sea, and its dark and smooth rocks have been smoothed during our twenty years in business. Business processes and the technological systems that guide them are like a rich and diverse ecosystem under the sea. We will help you control movement in the deep.

We implemented a core story for the company that guides the storification of the customer experience. Everything started out with a profound identification of the solution and values offered by the company. The already chosen new name for the company Islet, a small island, played of course an important role. The story is reflected for example in the company’s marketing communication, on the website, in the launch of the new brand, and in the employee clothing.

Storification is a way to stand out, but also a means of humanising the business and making it more meaningful, both inside and outside the company.

Do you dare to take the step into the world of storification?

Anne Kalliomäki
Head of Storification

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