HelsinkiIn united experience providers of the Helsinki Metropolitan Area to do joint marketing


A unique HelsinkiIN network, created by the Helsinki Metropolitan Area Experience Experts, was created in order to make joint marketing and products to create better customer journeys in Helsinki. It was a true pioneer of its time in uniting competitors to plan marketing and activities to attract tourists to the Greater Helsinki area.


HelsinkiIn Experience Company Network





HelsinkiIn got started when Marketing Manager Sari Viljanen from Linnanmäki Amusement Park, Marketing Manager Vilma Gustafsson from SEA LIFE Helsinki and Marketing Manager Jannika Joutsenniemi from Korkeasaari Zoo, decided it was time to colloborate on school trips. The benchmark was sought from Gothenburg where a colloboration between LisebergUniverseum, hotels ans SL among others resulted in joint marketing, developing new services, having a shared digital sales channel and a bus touring between the destinations.



We invited all of the Greater Helsinki Experience Providers to join HelsinkiIn Network. The idea of working together inspired 35 players to join our new network right away. Everyone was inspired by business-driven and business-oriented colloboration. The aim was not only to do joint marketing to different target groups but also productise experiences across the same customer journey, sell experiences from a single channel and support a shared infrastucture to facilitate visitor mobility. We started planning joint festivals, hop on hop off hop bus, brochures, joint tickets etc.  Meetings were held at various venues and the atmosphere was positive and enthusiastic. 

For three years, there were joint school trip campaigns and family campaings. Leading the collaboration was left to the shoulders of a few active people.   During the collaboration, it quickly became clear that everyone was happy to be involved, but there was no time to coordinate and develop the work in addition to the work to be done on their own destination. Leading and facilitating collaborative activities related to service development, marketing, sales and production requires a full-time dedicated company for whom building joint business is bussiness. We did not find such an actor and after three yeas the network was transferred to the City of Helsinki Tourism and for the original purpose it gradually ceased.

Producing customer journeys that truly serve the customer experiece, be they families, singles, couples or group of friends, requires regional cross-industry colloboration. We compete over customers’ time and competition often comes from digital content consumed at home. That is why we must produce more exciting and personalised content to be consumed in real life. Jointly we can get people to consume their city with new reasons more often.

Business & Experience Designer, Founder Vilma Gustafsson, HAPPYMOOR

Developing new services and products alonside running your own daily business and marketing them, requires a lot of resources without the knowledge of whether the new offering will succeed. Therefore, it is a good idea for players in the same geographical area to co-innovate and -create demand for  new services together, allowing costs to be shared, shortening the ROI time  and increasing the probability of success.

Captain, Business & Experience Designer, Founder Jannika Joutsenniemi, HAPPYMOOR


  • It is worthwhile for players in the same area, including competitors, to cooperate when the goal is shared.
  • The local co-creation must be facilitated by a co-producer, a company with a commercial interests to ensure that desired results are accomplished.
  • In the cooperation,  role of the city is to enable it, not pulling. The city, for its part, invites companies and communities through its own channels. It provides some financial resources to support the establisment and coordinating the network operations and e.g. facilities and catering for co-creation the workshops. The city also adopts the services and products resulted from the co-creation for its own marketing to residents and visitors.
  • Before starting, the objectives of the collaboration must be set and identify the different needs and aspirations of those who join.  These can be used as a basis for setting up the cooperation plan and ensuring that companies interests are met, the cooperation is business-oriented and focuses not only on marketing, but cooperation will truly increase sales and bring new sources of revenue.
  • Businesses need quick-pay-back model of networking where someone else, with company-orientation lead and facilitate the cooperation.
  • The time required by companies to colloborate should be resource-wise, when it’s easier to get all kinds and sizes of companies involved.


The Founders of HAPPYMOOR, Vilma Gustafsson and Jannika Joutsenniemi were already involved in the creation of brand new collaborative marketing in 2005. Now HAPPYMOOR Crew has created #happymoorfinland project to pilot a new format to cocreate.

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HelsinkiIN Network included among others Linnanmäki, SEA LIFE, Korkeasaaren eläintarha, Suomenlinna, Serena, Heureka, Tapanilan Urheilukeskus, Ateneum, Kansallismuseo, Emma, Tropicario, Helsinki Expert, Sokos Hotels, Radisson SAS, VR and Helsingin kaupungin matkailu. HAPPYMOOR’s Founders Vilma Gustafsson and Jannika Joutsenniemi were members and leading the colloboration as Sea Life and Korkeasaari Zoo representatives. 

HAPPYMOOR buildes a HAPPYMOOR Harbour where companies and communites share activities, resources, knowhow and experiences to cocreate better customer journeys, more personalised experiences and happier residents and visitors. HAPPYMOOR’s founders Jannika Joutsenniemellä and Vilma Gustafsson lead Happymoor Crew with their extensive experience on experience and entertainment, travel, hotel and restaurant, tv, film, music and event industries.