Vessels with small stories and offering easily sink in the sea, and only those vessels with big ith big resources get their story heard. Except when small vessels join the forces!

HAPPYMOOR is based on sharing where companies selling services and products to people use joint tools, share information and know-how openly, and build a common story; a story about Experience Merchants committed to delivering more personalised experiences.

Take your binoculars, and check what HAPPYMOOR offers you!


Offer better, more personalised journeys! Arrive at the HAPPYMOOR Passenger Decks and

  • engage new customers solo and jointly with other HAPPYMOOR Merchants..
  • build your sales channels and increase your sales.
  • storydo and serve in digital and physical encounters consistently.
  • listen and understand your customers.


Take the course to new routes! Get on the HAPPYMOOR Bridge and we’ll help you to

  • develop your business strategy and profitability.
  • steer your vessel with data.
  • mechanise your activities digitally.


Renew your vessel! Lift your vessel to the HAPPYMOOR Dockyard and

  • brand and storify your business.
  • design your services and create new.
  • create new experience formats together with other HAPPYMOOR Merchants.


Keep your crew onboard! Take yourself to the HAPPYMOOR Messdeck

  • lead change.
  • develop your own and your crew’s skills.
  • ncrease the well-being and motivation of your crew.


By sharing extra crew and activities, HAPPYMOOR Vessels will benefit from a multitude of strengths without losing the ability to produce experiences based on their own unique core story. We are creating a joint HAPPYMOOR Fleet, where Experience Merchants will offer more together to get more.

Find customers and provide them with value they are willing to pay for, more for, again, and share their experiences with others. Create more personalised experiences, longer journeys and happier passengers, resulting new, bigger revenue streams before boarding your ship, during and after the journey.

If the above entices you and want to be part of, you may be HAPPYMOOR icebreaker material! We are looking for a bunch of courageous pioneers who want to be involved in influencing what HAPPYMOOR Fleet is created. Come and build with us a Harbour where Merchant Vessels share the resources, resources, expertise and experiences to create better customer journeys, more personalised experiences and happier customers and residents alike. The Icebreaker Fleet is operating now in Finland, if you feel the calling, please moor your vessel to the HAPPYMOOR Harbour! If you would be moor to other locations than Finland, please fill in the form below or contact our Captain Jannika!


HAPPYMOOR is a platform in which HAPPYMOOR Merchants share activities, resources, ideas and experiences and tip about business opportunities.


Don’t waste your time searching for solutions to everything. Turn the noise down and find tools that have been developed to match the real needs of entrepreneurs, tested and recommended by your peer merchants.


By sharing you get better tools and resources to enhance your business and be part of bigger activities than on your own


You don’t get only what you know to ask but what you need. As entrepreneurs we know that you are a happy merchant when your business is rolling and you can focus on bringing your company value where you are best at.


We seek actively ways for you to create more value to your customers. We develop new experience formats, partnerships and tools to enhance your profitability. Your own HAPPYMOOR Pilot keeps you up to speed.


Be part of #happymoormovement by storydoing the shared story of Experience Merchants offering more personalised, diversified experiences to their customers. A Fleet, that customers are compelled to board on.



Tutustu meihin


HAPPYMOOR Crew takes care of the HAPPYMOOR Harbour’s activities and comfort by providing the City Piers and Merchant Ships that arrive at the Harbour services they need and fasilitate cooperation between all.

HAPPYMOOR Crew is a community of entrepreneurs, based on sharing. The Crew co-creates new service formats, do own productions and assignments and market, sell and deliver services in a new way jointly.

Our Crew Members can already be found from Helsinki, Espoo, Tampere, Lahti, Malmö and Berlin. They are experienced professionals in branding, marketing, service design, sales, service production, customer listening, finance, leadership, well-being and business. We have the industry experience, among others in tourism, entertainment, Retail, ICT, education, research and manufacturing. We have been working with organisations of all sizes from startups, small and medium-sized stayups to big corportaions, the public and third sectors. We have served municipalities as both customers and employees. We combine this experience and expertise to create happymoor movement together!

Contact us
Jannika Joutsenniemi
+358 40 700 3202


Do you enjoy the opportunity to influence and experiment – to be a pioneer and to break ice into new waters? We are now looking for the first brave merchants to develop the HAPPYMOOR Fleet, hence Merchant Community as a place every company wants to be part of! Fill in the form so you may be already in the first wave! We will match the applicatns to the waves where we see the greatest benefit to each other as a batch!

Sending an application does not bind you to join HAPPYMOOR Fleet, but to the chosen applicants we will send an invitation to moor and confirm their arrival.