#happymoorstory: Stara Logistiikka started a journey to change

The Stara Logistics of Helsinki City Construction Services Stara, started a journey to change significantly its way to service its customers. The unit wants to become a crucial part of the operations of its customers from different organisations at the City of Helsinki. Stara Logistics chose HAPPYMOOR, as its partner to launch this process.

HAPPYMOOR Crew’s tasks was to support the launch of the transformation journey: facilitate the process and provide tools, found an employee network, start the working of the network. This meant among other things developing processes from a customer perspective through quick experimentations, storification of operations and enhancing communication between different departments of the Stara Logistics unit.

Read Stara Logistics’ happymoorstory (in Finnish)!

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Helsinki City Construction Services, Stara, is a versatile expert in the fields of construction, environmental management and logistics. Its approximately 1,500 professionals take care of Helsinki. Its goal is to be the most desired employer and service provider in our sector – a responsible and competitive pioneer.