The corona epidemic, which is spreading in Finland and around the world, is permanently changing the world economy and putting many companies in financial distress. Now, if ever there is a need for a united front and joint action to deal with an acute emergency, it is also important to plan for post-mitigation measures.

#happymoorfinland brings businesses, residents and city organisations together to build more entertaining cities and more sustainable business. In the project, we pilot a new kind of glocal co-creation format, business ecosystem and platform HAPPYMOOR Harbour in three cities.

We are now looking for city and other partners and companies to come and make Finland happymoor again!


#happymoorfinland brings businesses, residents and city organisations together to build more entertaining cities and more sustainable business. In the project, we pilot a new kind of glocal co-creation format, business ecosystem and platform HAPPYMOOR Harbour in three cities.

We are now looking for city and other partners and companies to come and make Finland happymoor again!

B2C company or community! Moor HAPPYMOOR Harbour without a registration fee by supporting #happymoorfinland to happen. Join us!



The vision is to create a glocal, economically, ecologically, culturally and socially sustainable format and a platform to cocreate happier cities.

In the #happymoorfinland project, we pilot the cocreation format HAPPYMOOR Harbour in three cities. The Harbour brings together businesses, communities, residents and the city organisations to build more entertaining cities and more sustainable businesses. At the Harbour, we share activities and resources to create better customer journeys and more meaningful experiences for the residents of the pilot areas, individually and together.

The output of the cocreation process will create new types of replicable experience formats that will increase the year-round appeal of the pilot areas, the happiness of the people, and the vitality of the companies and communities participating in the cocreation.

The EcoCompass coordinates the ecological sustainability work of the entire #happymoorfinland project. The EcoCompass is an environmental system for small and medium-sized enterprises. It is managed by the Suomen luonnonsuojeluliiton Kinos Oy.



Creating an economically sustainable model to build and launch a local, entrepreneurial value network in the city, where everyone involved contributes to creating and benefiting from the value created jointly by the network, ie the value generated by the network is created together by all participating network members.


Creating a systematic cocreation format where businesses, communities and cities share activities and resources. Cocreation is based on the needs and wishes of the members of the business ecosystem.


Creating new types of experience formats increasing the happiness of the residents that may be localised to new districts and cities in Finland and around the world. The theme and content of the experience formats is not be given, but is created together with the participating companies and communities. The residents’ network and the city are involved in the process.



In every pilot city

  • we build a new kind of local business ecosystem involving businesses and communities, residents and the city.
  • we create the first replicable experience formats by experimenting quickly.
  • we pilot a collaborative format based on sharigin activities, resources, expertise, and experiences.

We support pilot city activities with the following measures:

  • we integrate ecological responsibility into all cocreation activities and support the development of companies’ ecologically responsible business.
  • we create a programme to listen to the needs and wishes of the entire value network.
  • we build a nationwide network of partners to support local activities.
  • we develop cooperation and sharing between local Dockyards of cities.
  • we develop the digital HAPPYMOOR Harbour based on the feedback and needs of participating companies and communities.



The main pillar of the Pier is the city, which enables and creates conditions for its operation: enables its establisment, contributes to its maintenance and participates in cocreation activities. The shared activities of the Harbour’s value network is built resource-wisely on top of city’s platform and ecosystem, supported by its activities, facilities, data and channels.

We establish an agile Main Pillar Network of representatives of the city’s different organisations to participate in the co-creation, take it forward in their own organisations and bring feeds from the wishes and needs of their own organisation to the whole network. Its members can be, for example, from the cultural and leisure, urban development, business services, communications and marketing departments.

Businesses and communities of all sizes now need all possible help to revitalise their business and turn it back to sustainable growth as the situation subsides. What is needed now is bold moves from the public sector and that is why we challenge cities and the state to the #happymoorfinland project to enable a happier future in a genuine private-public partnership with businesses and communities.

Do you want to increase the appeal and entertainment in your city? What about enabling more business and work? The other two pilot cities have not yet been confirmed. Pitch us why your city should be one of the three pilot cities for the #happymoorfinland project!


Are you a national or local community that promote operating conditions of businesses? You can be a local business association, chamber of commerce, tourism association, or regional project.
We are looking for Pier Support Pillars, to raise Finnish companies on track again!


Are you a media or a big consumer brand? We are looking for national content partners for experience format productions!

Are you a university and a research organisation, we are looking for partners to explore topics related to collaborative work, platform economics, sustainable development, and more.Come and create the happymoor movement with us!


We are now building the HAPPYMOOR Helsinki Pier at a rapid pace. We have applied for co-financing from the City of Helsinki Innovation Fund to pilot joint activities in Helsinki.

If you are a Helsinki-based company or community, you can already join HAPPYMOOR Helsinki Pier by registering at HAPPYMOOR Harbour and at the same time support the implementation of the pilot project. Among others SEA LIFE, Korkeasaarii and the Culture and Leisure Unit of the City of Helsinki have already joined.


It has been a privilege to see HAPPYMOOR from the start. This cooperative company will be one of the new leaders in building post-corona co-creation ecosystems.

Sami Aherva
Unit Director
Helsinki City Construction Services Stara

In times like these, companies and communities benefit from a partnership where by working together and sharing resources, we create a more enjoyable and lively city that we can enjoy as our everyday lives return to normal.

Susanna Silvonen
Marketing Director
Korkeasaari Zoo

As the recovery begins, co-creation platforms such as HAPPYMOOR Harbour will benefit businesses and communities, their employees, customers and the local economy in restoring business to their feet and at a healthy level.

Michelle Hoeneveld
General Manager
SEA LIFE Helsinki


HAPPYMOOR Crew takes care of the operations and comfort of the Harbour by providing the vessels that arrive at the Harbour with the tools they need, lead co-creation sails and facilitate co-operation.


HAPPYMOOR Crew is a growing community of solo entrepreneurs, whose members serve as Harbour’s service resources. The crew members are creative and business development professionals who work to develop the business of vessels.

There will be over a dozen HAPPYMOOR Crew Members working on the #happymoorfinland.

​Are you interested in joining HAPPYMOOR Crew?


The spark of HAPPYMOOR started already in 2005, when HAPPYMOOR’s founders Vilma Gustafsson and Jannika Joutsenniemi. as then Marketing Managers of SEA LIFE Helsinki and Korkeasaari Zoo, established the HELSINKIIN business network together with Linnanmäki Amusement Park. 35 experience providers in Helsinki Metropolitan Area joined the HelsinkiIn network to plan joint marketing to attract tourists to Helsinki.


Everyone was excited about the co-opeartion lead by the companies themselves. During the cooperation, it quickly became clear that everyone was happy to be involved, but few had time to coordinate and develop the joint activities in addition to developing the business of their own business at their destination. We did not find such an actor as a network at that time, and after three years the network was transferred to tourism office in the city of Helsinki and, for the original purpose, gradually ceased to exist.

Contact HAPPYMOOR Crew!

Jannika Joutsenniemi
+358 40 700 3202

Panu Erola
+358 40 830 6642

Vilma Gustafsson
+46 73 506 4196