On HAPPYMOOR Messdeck Insightful Food Lover Minna Isotupa

Who are you? I’m curious and easily enthusiastic business developer and a mother. I’m interested in consumers, the people behind the choices ones make and developing authentic, if not even life-changing solutions helping the everyday life. I love food with what I spend a lot of time both at work and in my freetime. What kind of working experience do you have? I worked in a TV production company mainly as a Production Manager for seven years. During those years I learnt to keep both nervous performers, eventful projects as well as own nerves together. Hectic atmosphere and small budgets forced me to come up with creative solutions and work well with very diverse group of people. Through producing food programmes arose my love for food. Love for food and interest in people is the common thread in everything I do. From TV productions I moved to develop businesses within food industry, sparring companies from startups to major food companies. Human-centred development of new and renewal of the old excite me the most. I also run a group called Ruokavaikuttajat (Food Influencers). What’s your expertise? Human-centered business development and renawal, project management, customer insight, customer trends siakkaista eli ihmisistä lähtevä liiketoiminnan kehittäminen ja uudistaminen, projektijohtaminen, customer insight, knowledge of consumer trends, especially within food industry. What are the characteristics that describe you as a person? Energetic, enthusiastic and analytical. How long have you been an entrepreneur? I just started. Minna Isotupa What are your greatest achievements in the working life? All the cases, in which I have through listening and observing people achieved something truly user-driven (read: useful), warm my heart the most. I have changed the field of business more than once in my life, and I’ve managed to always create good networks with the people working within the field in a short time and win their trust. One of my biggest achievements is also through different programmes mentoring young people. It’s very gratifying to be able to help someone to succeed. Why did you join Happymoor and what do you bring on board the ship?I joined Happymoor as I believe this way of working is the future and new ways of doing things excite me enormously. I bring to Happymoor my insight and understanding of how people act and how this insight is used to make better experiences, thus business, in addition to my energy, ideas and humour. What’s your favourite quote? Quotes are not my thing but if one of the big Finnish food company hadn’t renowned it, I would say “Good food (+company), a better mood” would be the one I believe in the most. 😀   On Happymoor Messdeck is a series of people behind Happymoor Crew.  Read more about Happymoor Crew!