On HAPPYMOOR Messdeck Storydesigner Anne Kalliomäki

Who are you? My name is Anne Kalliomäki, Entrepreneur and Story Designer. My passion is to make success stories with the help of storification. I want to build world where experiences mean more than material. Life is experiencing and the most important thing is to take joy out of the journey, out of every moment. For me the best moments are while at a meditation retreat, sitting on a rock in the waterfront, when creative flow takes place, having a spontaneous laughter and sitcom of everyday life. What kind of working experience do you have? I have trained communications and marketing teams, executives and employees alike about storification of customer experience. In different storification projects, we have created core stories, story identity hand books, digital and analogue story stage plans and story scripts of services. I have also created regional story identities. I’m experienced developer and business design expert with strong ability to find a common thread, crystalise and clarify. Before becoming a Story Designer I worked almost 10 years in television and film productions, incl. Inno, Benner&Benner and Hayflower and Quiltshoe. What’s your expertise? My strong suite includes strategic design, storification, differentiation and experience design, creating more memorable and meaningful customer experiences is the common red thread for me. What are the characteristics that describe you as a person? I am creative visionaire, good listener and passionate developer. How long have you been an entrepreneur? I have been Entrepreneur since 2008. What are your greatest achievements in the working life? The greatest accomplishments are of course yet to come. But so far my most significant accomplishment is to develop storification method into a model that can be benefit with all those that with developing customer experience. Tarinallistaja Anne Kalliomäki My Finnish language book on storification (Tarinallistaminen) published in 2014 received the Silver Award from the Finnish Association of Marketing, Technology and Creativity (MTL) in the Best Book on Communication and Marketing category in 2015. Most happy I get about all those stories that I hear from my customers that storification has really proved its magic business wise. Why did you join Happymoor and what do you bring on board the ship? Looking far to the sea, together with right people you can accomplish anything. I want to hop on board and see where we can cruise together. As a Happymoor Crew member, I bring my storification to services we develop together. What’s your favourite quote? Syd Field wrote in his own book about script writing that ”trust the process, it´s bigger than you are”. I like the quote as it reminds that all the solutions are found by doing. Wanna work with Anne? Join Happymoor Crew! Wanna get Happymoor storify your business?