On HAPPYMOOR Messdeck Communications Guru Pia Pihlaja

Who are you?
So nice to meet you! My name is Pia Pihlaja. I’m a versatile communications professional from Alppila, Helsinki. I’ve lived, worked and studied in England, Spain and Peru but finally decided to settle down in here in Finland. I love my family, staying up late and doing voluntary work locally. Running and yoga keep me fit while my mind is always busy admiring the big and small miracles of life.

What kind of working experience do you have?
I’ve worked in organisational communications as a specialist, planner and consultant. I founded my own one-woman-agency in 2009. I communicate, inform and tell stories, mainly across digital media platforms. Today, more than ever before, communications equals conversation. In my work I plan and execute projects within corporate communications, media, content marketing and social media. I provide consulting services, training and encourage my clients to communicate in an interesting and powerful way. Originally I majored in international politics, but recently graduated with a Master’s degree in New Media.

What’s your expertise?
To be honest, there is very little that I haven’t done in the field of communications. I would say I am particularly skilled in the communications planning of companies operating in the business to business -markets. I have had clients within the social and health sector, health and wellbeing, pharmaceuticals, food and drink industry as well as technology. I have in-depth knowledge of communications across digital platforms, working with social media and self-organising social movements.

What are the characteristics that describe you as a person?
I am a happy and positive person, who wants to be able to contribute in a constructive way. While I am good at thinking critically and on a strategic level I am also able to produce creative and touching solutions to a wide array of communications challenges.

How long have you been an entrepreneur and what’s best in being one?
I founded my own agency in 2009. By far the best thing about being an entrepreneur is the freedom it entails. I enjoy being able to work with the best professionals in the business and do projects for clients who I know benefit from my skills.

What are your greatest achievements in the working life
In my fifteen years in the PR business I’ve participated in many projects that have made me happy and satisfied. Similarly, there have been moments of great despair and failure. The ultimate high is when I see my clients happy – then I am happy too! It’s also great to achieve success with a team of people, by doing brilliant work together. Sometimes I have been involved in consulting in crisis communications situations. Then the best outcome may be that nothing happens.

Why did you join Happymoor and what do you bring on board the ship?
I love new ideas and the idea behind Happymoor is simply brilliant! I am looking forward to seeing how this collaboration develops. New network of people and new interesting projects – I could not say no! I bring loads of versatile experience, strategic insight and creative ideas onboard the Happymoor ship. I want to plan and excetute communications activities that make a strong impact on the audience.

What’s your favourite quote?
#thatsdarling, #amworking & #nothingisordinary

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