On Happymoor Messdeck Analytic Business Yogi Riina Tervaoja

Who are you?
Happy to meet you! I’m Riina Tervaoja, a live-music enthusiast with yoga keeping me grounded. My roots actually are really grounded, as I grew at a farm in the middle of nowhere in Finnish countryside. Those years taught me a lot of things not coming for free in life: my parents’ long days at our farm and my dad being a hard-working and independent entrepreneur. I’ve always had good relationship with numbers: maybe that’s why I’ve ended up working most of my life twisting them around. Analysing and supporting business to grow. During quite tough years in my life, yoga turned out to be my guide to myself and keeping it all together.

What kind of working experience do you have?
Most of my life I’ve worked for big international corporates – like world’s biggest oil company, national railways or huge IT companies. I’ve been in charge of the numbers for projects and business, supporting Business Management, being the services analyst team lead at the beginning and supervisor later on.    In the end, big corporate life didn’t feel right for me, as the chances to really make a difference or do things differently were limited. For the last six years I worked for a Finnish Stock listed IT-company as part of the Management Team, project business being my responsibility and leading the project manager team. I started in a company of 120 employees and boy we grew fast! We ended up being a 550 person international company digitalising retail. Those years taught me a lot and we had a great team and loads of humour to push through hard times. Being in the middle of all the action and decision-making was super interesting but took a lot of energy as well. My days were built of balancing between projects and resources, worrying for my own team to keep it together, large deals and negotiations. I realised that in the end it’s all about people: to help them succeed and use their energy and time on the right things.   For a year now, I’ve run the daily business of my dad’s company which has given me a more grounded feeling. Realising that succeeding in little things often makes life worth living, as it’s easier to find those little wows in life than wait for the big bang successes that might never come. I’m also studying to be a yoga teacher, graduating in April 2018. I hope I’m able to give people tools to cope with their daily life and wellbeing. But also not to forget my analytic skills: at the end it’s always about numbers, isn’t it? Helping other entrepreneurs to travel through the stormy seas they face means a lot to me.

What’s your expertise?
Numbers, analytics, understanding business causalities, service business, project management and leading people. Experience of large companies, B2B.  

What are the characteristics that describe you as a person? A positive attitude towards life and new people, energy, eagerness to dive into new things. I’m absolutely a group worker, but I need my solitary moments as well. I don’t give up easily, even it would be wise sometimes. Helping others with their wellbeing means a lot to me as well, whether on a yoga mat or giving business support.

What are your greatest achievements in the working life
Being part of business DD processes has been a great learning experience for me. I’ve been negotiating three mergers and I’ve had a key role carrying out two of them. Working in a constantly growing and transforming company with different company cultures and taking care of the normal daily project business at the same time was really challenging. Supervising an expert team of project managers was also a great learning experience for me, as well as negotiating the project deals with customers.

Why did you join HAPPYMOOR and what do you bring on board the ship?
Supporting entrepreneurs and companies solving their real daily challenges is something close to my heart and it’s one of the key messages in HAPPYMOOR story. The idea of not needing to do all by yourself, but to have a network of experienced professionals around to help and support, is superb. Sharing is caring! And if I can help with entrepreneurs’ wellbeing, that is a bonus!

What’s your favourite quote?
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