HAPPYMOOR hacks Iso Omena Service Centre

HAPPYMOOR was chosen to participate in the Programme of Agile Experimentations by City of Espoo at the Iso Omena Service Centre. The objective of the programme is to bring innovative services and products to develop Iso Omena Service Centre with customer orientation. The programme supports joint experiments of many actors and accelerates good concepts turning into service innovations generating new business. Experimentations help service developers getting real user experiences, creating new business, collect customer feedback and identifying further development needs. One of two issues to be be solved is how the co-operation with ten different service units of Iso Omena Service Centre is strengthened. There is a need for new ways of working together regarding communications, identifying customer needs, scheduling, building a joint culture and common understanding. The object of HAPPYMOOR’s experimentation is a four-phased HAPPYMOOR HACK service format in which a multiprofessional team of Entrenepreneurs, Happymoor Crew helps multiactor community Service Centre servicing consumers to develop its activities within the chosen challenge field through agile experimentations. “The atmoshere was very excited at the Kickoff and we soon found co-operation potential between the companies chosen as suppliers and the team of Service Centre. HAPPYMOOR is all about sharing and co-creating through experimentations so this is extremely interesting opportunity for us getting to test and further develop HAPPYMOOR HACK service format at a multi-actor community attracting 5000 customers per a day.”, says HAPPYMOOR Captain Jannika Joutsenniemi. There were sixteen offers submitted to the bid of Espoo Agile Experimenations Programme, out of which four companies were chosen. In addition to HAPPYMOOR, the other companies are Innofactor, Soldeman and Tamora.

More info: Jannika Joutsenniemi jannika@happymoor.com +358 40 7003202

HAPPYMOOR CREW is a community of multiprofessional B2B entrepreneurs, who co-create and productise people driven service formats, assignments and own productions, and markets, sells and delivers  them in a new way. We have a passion for moving people to make eyes shine and keep people coming back for more. We turn companies into next generation experience merchants by uniting them to share to give and get more. We help Happymoor Merchants to create more personalised experiences, better customer paths and happier customers, jointly with others. Iso Omena Service Centre is a new service concept for public services making it easier for the municipal residents to use everyday services. The Service Centre includes a library, youth services, a maternity and child health clinic, a health centre, mental health and substance abuse services, KELA Social Insurance Institution, a Citizen’s Services office, HUS laboratory and medical imaging as well as Kohtaamo, a meeting place for art and culture. The Service Centre is visited daily by 5000 customers.