Fans of Super Furball books of Paula Noronen will soon be able to develop their own Super Furball adventures. HAPPYMOOR Club Junior invites children to the Super Furball Patrol to co-create experiences in the Super Furball Saves the Baltic Sea experience format together with the HAPPYMOOR HARBOUR business network.

HAPPYMOOR Club is a joint Customer Club of the HAPPYMOOR Harbour business network and platform where residents e.g. may take part in co-creating the experiences of their own hometown together with local companies and communities and to be the first to test new experiences. HAPPYMOOR Club Junior is a children’s club.

The children who love Paula Noronen’s Super Furball books and the movie are the best experts on the subject. That is why the children are now invited to the Super Furball Patrol to develop the experiences of the whole family for the Super Furball Saves the Baltic Sea experience format to be organised in Helsinki and Turku in October 2021.

In the shared experience format of the business network, the Baltic Sea is in danger, just as in Noronen’s book Supermarsu saves herring and in the film Supermarsu. The children and their families embark on an adventure where they turn into Super Furballs and save the Baltic Sea with its fish days with their superpowers. Super Furball experiences are available in, for example, attractions, restaurants, hotels, sports venues and shopping malls. They are united by a story that offers families with children a lot of experiences and things to do throughout October.

All the Super Furball fans aged 6-12 are warmly welcomed to the Super Furball Patrol. Among those who have joined the HAPPYMOOR Club Junior, a maximum of 20 children will be drawn into the Super Furball Patrol in Turku on 14 August and in Helsinki on 15 August.

– We invite experts of childhood, hence the children to the Super Furball Patrol for a development day, where children get to jointly develop the Super Furball experiences of the whole family. As a reward for participating, the heroes of the Super Furball Patrol will receive a Super Furball t-shirt and a gift card for the Super Furball experience, which is the subject of their own day’s development, says Jannika Joutsenniemi, the Executive Producer of Super Furball Saves the Baltic Sea experience format.

One of the destinations of the Super Day is Junky y Vegan, which is CMB Restaurants’ new vegan restaurant in Helsinki.

– The joint children’s club of our business network involves children in developing a completely new, storyfied experiences in the restaurant environment. At Junky Y Vegan, we want to save the world one bite at a time, says Maarit Karjalainen, Restaurant Manager at CMB Restaurants.

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Jannika Joutsenniemi | CEO, HAPPYMOOR | +358 40 700 3202 jannika@happymoor.com

Maarit Karjalainen | Restaurant Manager, CMB Restaurants | +358 44 728 5106 maarit.karjalainen@cmb.fi

HAPPYMOOR HARBOUR is an entrepreneur-driven platform for collaboration and a business ecosystem that brings together a new generation of experiences, business and work. Businesses, communities and cities in the business network share activities and resources to co-create more sustainable business and more memorable customer journeys. Together, we will make cities and regions happier. The experience formats are a content concept developed by HAPPYMOOR. Companies and communities involved in experience format production share resources for product development, marketing, sales, and production. Production is co-ordinated on a collaborative platform in HAPPYMOOR HARBOUR. Harbours co-operation is coordinated by a Crew of experts, that consists of creative and business development professionals. More than 30 companies and communities have already joined Harbour’s growing business network: attractions, museums, hotels, restaurants, as well as leisure, cultural and commercial actors. The Super Furball Saves the Baltic Sea experience format has received a cultural grant from the City of Helsinki and AVEK’s CreaDemo funding. The Turku Business Region is a partner in Turku’s regional co-operation.

Junk y Vegan is a new “total vegan joint” restaurant and bar opened in Sanomatalo, Helsinki, where everyone can enjoy good food together! It offers everyone tasty, modern, healthy and relaxed vegan junk food. The menu includes burgers and 100-year-old Flatbreads, as well as Bowls, Tacos, various “finger lickin goods” to be enjoyed. Junk y Vegan, which opened on the site of the old Paino Bar and Elmo, will redefine the front page and declare that an easy and delicious vegan junk food has entered the city of Helsinki.