Experience formats unite companies, organisations and residents to co-create happier cities

Co-creation platform HAPPYMOOR brings together businesses, residents and city organisations to build more enjoyable cities and more sustainable business. The idea is to expand the short events produced by individual actors into a city-wide or neighborhood-wide experience formats produced jointly. Success story experience formats HAPPYMOOR may be replicated and localised from city and country to another, just like as with TV formats are done.

“The format business once revolutionised the television industry and now we are bringing the format thinking into the real life experience as well,” says Jannika Joutsenniemi, Founder and CEO of HAPPYMOOR.

Experience formats invite residents to enjoy themselves and consume the offering in their own neighbourhood more. Experience formats are entities offered at a limited time for a specific context of use, such as families, couples, alone, or different groups. They combine the marketing, services and service environment of local companies and other organisations into a unified storified entity. The customer selects experiences for one’s route out of a selection of co-created experiences, offered by companies and other organisations who have joined the experience format production.

“For example, if we want to liven up the February weekday evenings in the city, we may co-create new kind of content for couples, consumed at the local restaurants, cultural sites, brick-a-mortars and sports facilities. All the joining companies and other organisations are part of the same story from Monday to Thursday of that month.” says Vilma Gustafsson, founder of HAPPYMOOR.

In experience format productions, all the joining companies and other organisations share resources for service development, marketing, sales, production, and customer listening. City residents are invited to join the co-creation process of new experiences to meet their personal wishes and needs.

“Cities are full of companies and other organisations that want to build better customer journeys and more personalised experiences. They may not have the resources to do so alone though. With our HAPPYMOOR Harbour platform, companies and other organisations of all sizes are able to share activities and resources, while the city organisation supports the cocreation collaboration with it’s infrastructure etc. Our model develops happier cities in an economically, ecologically, culturally and socially sustainable way.” says Jannika Joutsenniemi.

Story-based experience design is an integral part of the HAPPYMOOR concept. In addition to storyfying the experience formats, they are localised using local story themes, art and culture and the unique offerings of the participating companies and other organisations. HAPPYMOOR’s creative and business development Crew of solo entrepreneurs act as executive producers of experience format productions, facilitate co-creation in the digital platform, meetings and workshops, and provide content for the format productions.

HAPPYMOOR’s multiprofessional Crew of Experiment Designers are coordinated by long-line experience experts Jannika Joutsenniemi, Vilma Gustafsson, and Panu Erola, who have previously worked in, amongst other things at Helsinki Zoo, Music Finland, Sea Life, Merlin Entertainments, Finnair’s Gateway restaurants and Center-Inn Restaurants. The storification team includes scriptwriters Taro Korhonen, and Janne Metso, who have written tv programmes such as Putous, Villi kortti, Hyvät ja huonot uutiset, Yleleaks, and the Härölä comedy.

Cross-industry cooperation creates sustainable growth and year-round enjoyable experiences and appeal for cities. HAPPYMOOR is piloting a local collaborative model this year in three cities. The results of piloting will generate a library of new generation experience formats with cultural and creative content that can be in the future replicated and localised in new cities in Finland and abroad.

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