Ekokompassi and HAPPYMOOR to develop happiness and ecology in local urban communities

Ekokompassi and HAPPYMOOR have started a co-operation to create an opportunity for even small companies and communities to develop more sustainable services and thus happier customers in the future.

HAPPYMOOR is developing a new type of service model based on sharing and collaborating to increase the local activity of cities.

“We are building HAPPYMOOR Harbour, a new kind of platform and community. There, cities, businesses and communities share activities, resources, know-how and experiences. Together with companies and communities that have joined the Harbour in the same area, we are building better customer routes and more personalised experiences for the area’s residents,” describes Jannika Joutsenniemi, founder and CEO of HAPPYMOOR.



The EcoCompass is an environmental system for small and medium-sized enterprises. It is managed by company Suomen luonnonsuojeluliiton Kinos Oy.

“Through cooperation with HAPPYMOOR, we aim to develop our service even more suitable for the smallest micro-enterprises and organisations,” describes Riku Eskelinen, CEO of the company.

“Cooperation with Ekokompassi enables us and the companies and other organisations that have moored HAPPYMOOR Harbour to provide a certified way to provide services sustainably. Ekokompassi compass acts as a strategic partner for HAPPYMOOR Harbour’s ecological sustainability,” says Joutsenniemi about the cooperation.

The first step in the cooperation is to find funding for the piloting of HAPPYMOOR Harbour in three cities, together with developing the EcoCompass services for micro-enterprises and communities already in 2020.

More info
Riku Eskelinen | riku.eskelinen@ekokompassi.fi, +358 50 572 7782
Jannika Joutsenniemi | jannika@happymoor.com, +358 40 700 3202