Datalounges brightened its brand

Datalounges, which is making a container revolution, brightened its brand to support growth and internationalisation.

Containers will play a key role in the digital services of the future. With Datalounges’ comprehensive container services, organisations’ IT services can remain secure and compliant without compromising the agility needed for success.

In 2019, Datalounges was invested by a number of long-line technology professionals. In support of its international growth goals, the company wanted to brighten its brand and chose Happymoor as its partner.


The rebranding of the Datalounges business to match our desired image was finally a great success! The new web pages, logos and themes nicely described our new strategy in the way we hoped for and garnered both praise and positive attention from our customer base. The change has been implemented throughout our operations and has made Datalounges’ new re-startup platform a reality for both our employees and our customers.

Kim Aaltonen


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