Crew Member | Expperience Designer

Taina Arjanmaa

Taina is a vivid and cheerful personal trainer and service designer.. Taina lives in both Tampere and Helsinki. Taina has worked with user interfaces and digital services since graduating from University.

Enhanced methods, service design, user survey, diet preparation, motivation & target setting, individual coaching and business coaching.

Her professional skills Taina has acquired as a designer of digital services, as a personal trainer and as a sports and dance instructor. Taina has trained more than 100 individual people and more than ten groups. Taina’s company experience include: Telecom, Financial Sector (Bank & Insurance), Communications & Media, Health Care, Social Work, Pharmaceutical Companies, Public Operators (eg National Land Survey, Helsinki City, etc.), Non-Profit Sector.

Taina is a prominent photographer under the surface. On the surface, the focus, colors, and angles of the photos are just beyond, but under the surface concentration is enough for stunning mood images.

“Every day gives us the opportunity to learn new things.