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Milla Kissaniitty

Milla his as a relaxed visual marketing talent from Northeast Helsinki. Milla has implemented dozens of business profiles, nearly one hundred websites and gigatolk marketing materials. The view is increased by the dozens of different projects that Milla has worked on.

Graphic design, logos design, corporate holidays, website design and marketing material design.

Milla has been a multimedia educator, a visualist, a salesperson, a freelance graphic artist and the last six years as an entrepreneur. Customers have been among others. Saltlife, Fenix ​​Beauty, Restaurant Genuine, Grassroot, Metropolia, HELBUS, Sunnyone Promotions, Tileduan, Floranna and Isännät Oy.

An active organizer

“Why collect stuff in a corner to get dusty when it can keep everything that is needed for its head”