Crew Member | Exchange Coach

Miia Hirvonen

Miia thinks its most important to provide services to customers with real impact. On all her assignments she uses her versatile knowledge and long experience to succeed in the goals. She is a pragmatic with a big portion of humor, interaction and creativity.

Miia has been supporting various private and public organizations for 20 years to achieve their goals within shipping, construction and project management, HR systems, education and training.

Change Management, Leadership and Performance, Extended DISC, Deep Lead, and brain-based coaching, internal and external computing, project management, executive teamwork and supervisory work, strategy work, and business development.

Mia has a very versatile knowledge of different tasks in different operating environments. Shehas worked with listed companies  with demanding international financial and HR management tasks. She has been responsible for a budget of € 250 million from the 60-person municipal office and has led to the financial, personnel and secretarial services of the largest vocational education institution in Finland (about 15,000 students and 950 employees). She has been a manager for over 15 years and has been a member of the Management Team of four different organisations in the past decade.

Loves to be at home

Never give up.