Do you recognise yourself from this: you are an experienced pro who wants to be part of executing big dreams or maybe you’re a raw talent who just have not yet been unleashed to show your claws?

Are you skilled in concepting your knowhow into attractive services to be sold as they are or as part of a larger package? Do you want to challenge yourself to learn more and try new – slip from time to time out of your comfort zone?

Do you believe in the power of networking, sharing, co-creation and doing things together? Do you want to develop and share your competences with others? Are you interested in developing new kinds of tools together with other pros from other fields of businesses and clients? 

Join HAPPYMOOR Crew made of entrepreneurs of different fields that want to generate #happymoormovement by working together and in a new way. HAPPYMOOR is a supplement to your own business. It is a collaborative platform to co-create, sell and produce new types of services in a new way. We share the passion for moving people both emotionally as well as returning customers.


HAPPYMOOR Crew’s mission is to turn organisations into a new generation of Experience Merchants. We help companies and other organisations alike to create more personalised experiences, better customer journeys and happier customers, hence new and bigger revenue streams together. Our primary customers are organisations building better, more entertaining cities for residents and visitors with their products and services.

We co-create, market, and deliver tools to HAPPYMOOR Harbour‘s  under four HAPPYMOOR service categories: Dockyard, Bridge, Messdeck and Passenger Decks. Tools that

  • build brands and make digital marketing and the whole social media scene navigation smooth.
  • digitalise and streamline the operations helping clients to concentrate on the actual delivering of experiences.
  • design the offering and create new experience formats.
  • help clients on their own or together with others create more personalised experiences, better customer paths and happier customers.
  • ensure that the whole staff story tell and story do cohesively to the customers.
  • empower people to utilise their full potential by helping to build a psychologically secure culture where developing through experimentations and co-creations with customers are a normal way of developing the organisation’s operations.
  • we develop and offer under a common brand and market through common channels and the networks of the Crew Members and Partners.
  • we deliver on our own and together.

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let’s make happymoor movement


We are looking for great personalities ranging from experienced multi-talents to rising stars. We are building HAPPYMOOR platform where entrepreneurs unite their strengths and deliver world class services to each other, other organisations and to consumers – on their own areas, nationwide or even internationally. In HAPPYMOOR, you operate with your personal expertise profile as part of our HAPPYMOOR Crew.

We want to grow our Crew by bold and candid first class professionals and we are particularly looking for one or several of the following

  • Wizard of Digital Marketing
  • Photographer and video maker
  • Innovative Graphic Designer
  • Data Analyst
  • Developer, WordPress
  • Wellbeing Coach

But don’t worry, you might also fit in if you are…

  • Top Notch Experience Designer
  • Skilfull Brand Builder 
  • Productivity Magician
  • Witty Wordsmith
  • Knowledge Visualizer

Our current projects are located in Southern Finland but we are looking for expanding to other regions too with the help of new talents elsewhere. Also some of the jobs may not require physical presence and we are use to working over our digital working spaces. Our current HAPPYMOOR Crew Members are from the Metropolitan area of Helsinki, Tampere and Malmö.

Is your heart beating faster and are your eyes sparkling? If yes, check out how the application process proceeds!



Fill out the application form and let your personality shine through. Based on the information you give us, we will evaluate, that we believe you to be the right fit for our crew at this stage, in which case we will ask to meet you.


We are interested in you and want to get to know you better. You will receive a suggestion with few alternative time slots for an hour’s Google Hangout or F2F meeting with our Captain Jannika. The purpose of this talk is to ensure that both of the parties share the feeling that we could be making magic together.


If we both agree, thaw we are a match, you will receive an e-mail inviting you to HAPPYMOOR Crew Check-in, where we spend time and Crew resources to make sure that you will smoothly onboard into our HAPPYMOOR Vessel. By signing the HAPPYMOOR Crew Partnership Frame Agreement and paying the Happymoor Crew Check In fee you will confirm your commitment to the Check-in process.



The price for HAPPYMOOR Check-in is 690€/person (+VAT 24 %) out of which 400€ is an HAPPYMOOR Crew’s investement in You as our a new Crew Member. 290€ is invoiced from the joining Happymoor Crew Member.

HAPPYMOOR Crew Partnership Frame Agreement is signed with your company. However, in the HAPPYMOOR Crew all members work with their personal expertise profiles. You have a micro company and preferably a solo entrepreneur. If there are more than one person in your company that you would wish to include in the HAPPYMOOR Crew, each need to follow the same application process. Once accepted, they will be attached to the partnership agreement of your company.

HAPPYMOOR Crew Check-in is a five step process. Because the success of #happymoormovement lays on our capabilities to co-create and deliver great service tools and to work together to deliver our promises to the Merchants at every stage on their journey with us, it is vital that we lay a strong foundation for the Crew in the Check-In. This is in the best interest of all parties.

HAPPYMOOR Crew Check-in fee is paid before the beginning of the actual process. The fee is not refunded should the process for some reason not end up with membership. VAT 24% is added to the prices.


HAPPYMOOR Crew Member Fee is 29 e/person/month. It covers some expenses of the co-operation and joint activities. It will be debited on a monthly basis from your debit/credit card. You will start paying it only after the Check-in phase is over. You can denounce the membership at any time in which case you will not need to pay for the fee starting from the next month – unless you have committed to a client assignment or an joint offer to a prospect customer in which case the membership ends when the assignment or offer time ends. You can denounce the membership by sending an informal e-mail to



The co-operation starts, it’s to sign the HAPPPYMOOR Crew Partnership Frame Agreement.



Once your payment is registered, you will get a personal email address to which you receive an e-mail inviting you to fill a behavior style analysis DISC. Your behavioral style will tell, how you tend to act and react to various situations and things. The analysis will help you identify the natural strengths and development opportunities in your behavioral style and therefor help you succeed better in co-operating with different types of people, e.g. Merchants. After filling the analysis you will get a video tutorial that will help you in analysing your personal DISC analysis.

You will receive two versions of the DISC report – one for personal use and one for presenting to potential clients should you like to do so.

At HAPPYMOOR, the DISC analysis helps building virtual teams into different joint projects.


You are entitled to a personal 30 minute skype/phone call with a certified DISC coach to go through your profile. You will receive instructions on how to book one in the e-mail with the reports.


We will go through your competences and interests. This information will help us together to plan your route at HAPPYMOOR Crew.


HAPPYMOOR KICK OFF provides you with the information you need to operate as a member of the HAPPYMOOR Crew. The event will be held for a specific period to be announced at later stage – if you are not from Uusimaa in Finland, you will be able to take part in the Kick off over the google hangout. Kick off lasts for three hours and those present will be served coffee and snacks.


We work on the materials selling your expertise as a HAPPYMOOR Crew Member. We match you to our projects and teams and open our digital working spaces to you. The teams will operate based on our common ground rules and using our online work space and online meetings, in addition to those in offline. This makes participating possible regardless of geographic location or even time zone.


Do you have questions? Please don’t hesitate to contact

Jannika Joutsenniemi
+358 40 700 3202


Be part of the HAPPYMOOR Crew Batch IV and you’ll get to influence on what kind of #happymoormovement we are building.

Apply to HAPPYMOOR Crew now!