Captain | Business and Experience designer

Jannika Joutsenniemi

Jannika is an adventures artist and entrepreneur with a passion to move people by building better experiences, branding and business with great intent and impact. Jannika has more than 20 years of experience in B2C / B2B, public and third-sector leisure and entertainment services, incl. zoo, tourism, TV, movies, animation, culture and music.

Customer experience management, content production, conceptualisation and service design, experience design, new business development, branding, marketing, sales, event production, project management, strategies, and business and process development.

Jannika has acquired professional experience in marketing, sales and service development as an entrepreneur, and working for third parties such as Helsinki Zoo, Strömma Finland, Music Finland and Helsinki-filmi.

Plays floorball in 2 nd divion

“Fail fast to succeed soon”