Co-operation with Turku Business Region launches HAPPYMOOR HARBOUR platform in Turku region

A co-operation will be started in the Turku region, inviting local companies and residents of the region to enliven the region together. Turku Region Development Company Turku Science Park Ltd and Happymoor have agreed on a co-operation, that will open a Turku Pier at the HAPPYMOOR HARBOUR.  The Harbour is an entrepreneur-driven co-creation platform and business network, the development of which has already involved more than 80 creative and business professionals, other companies and cities. In the Harbour, companies moor in the pier of their own city to share activities, resources, experiences and know-how. As a result of the cooperation, new kinds of experiences will be created, which will increase the city’s attractiveness and the vitality of companies. The first co-production is the ‘Furball Saves the Baltic Sea’ experience format, which will enchant the Turku region in October 2021.

In the ‘Furball Saves the Baltic Sea’ experience format the Baltic Sea is in danger, as in Paula Noronen’s children’s book Furball Saves Herring and in the movie Furball. The children and their families embark on an adventure where they turn into Furballs and save a piece of the Baltic Sea with their superpowers. Companies and communities that build a more experiential Turku with their services and products now have the opportunity to come and co-create Furball experiences.

The experience formats are a content concept developed by Happymoor, which combines the marketing, services and products and service environment of companies and communities in the same area into a storified experience entity. Experience formats provide people with lasting experiences to be consumed safely as micro-audiences, for example, as a family, as a couple, alone, or as another small group. ‘Furball’ experiences can be offered, for example, in adventure destinations, restaurants, hotels, sports venues and shopping malls. Along ones journey, the customer chooses the experiences they like from the experience format on offer.

– The HAPPYMOOR HARBOUR is a completely new kind of collaborative business model that unites the city, companies and residents to develop the city’s attractiveness, comfort and vitality in a communal way. It offers us a new kind of platform and operating model for developing the business of companies in the Turku region, specifically by utilising the expertise of local creative industry professionals, says Teija Raninen, Director of Experience Industry, Turku Science Park Ltd.

– The Harbour platform, based on value sharing, connects companies to cross-industry cooperation, which creates more relevant customer journeys for residents, as well as for visitors to the region. At the same time, it also brings work to self-employed creative professionals, she continues.

Companies and communities involved in experience format production share resources for product development, marketing, sales, and production. The co-creation process is coordinated by a HAPPYMOOR Crew consisting of creative and business development professionals. The Crew’s Experience Designers make sure that each company involved in the production creates a ones own Furball service or product and a joint marketing campaign for the experience format. In this way, Harbour’s collaborative process saves companies’ time and money to create a new offering and consumer demand.

– Cooperation with Turku Science Park enables the opening of our own, local collaborative Pier in the HAPPYMOOR HARBOUR for the companies and communities in Turku. Through collaboration, companies and communities in the creative and event industries, culture, tourism, trade and other service sectors that Corona pandemic has severely disciplined, share the input and risk of creating new supply and demand locally. At the same time, the Furball Saves the Baltic Sea Experience Format generates new revenue streams for companies and organisations involved in production, increases the average purchase and brings new customers and repeat visits, says Jannika Joutsenniemi, CEO of Happymooriand producer of the Furball experience format.

The Furball saves the Baltic Sea experience format’s will be offered in Helsinki and Turku in October 2021. Production will start with an agile product development phase already in the summer.

Teija Raninen | Senior Executive, Experience Turku, Turku Science Park Ltd
+358 50 559 0549

Jannika Joutsenniemi | Toimitusjohtaja, Happymoor
+358 40 7003 202 Media Bank

The Turku Business Region brings together the business community, universities, organisations and municipalities of the Turku region. The cooperation creates new products and services that accelerate business growth and the well-being of the region. The regional development company Turku Science Park Ltd is responsible for coordinating the region’s business and innovation services.

The expanding and increasingly international Turku Science Park, the Blue Industry Park maritime and manufacturing industry centre rising in the vicinity of the Turku shipyard, the planned experience and event center for the Turku yard area and Turku’s new central vision give additional impetus to the future of the entire Turku region. – Impressive networking

HAPPYMOOR HARBOUR is an entrepreneur-driven platform for collaboration and a business ecosystem. In the Harbour, we co-create a new generation of experiences, business and work. Businesses, communities and cities in the business network share activities and resources to create more sustainable businesses and more meaningful customer journeys.