BLOG: HAPPYMOOR Crew starts Happymoor Movement

In Happymoor it’s all about the people. Happymoor Crew is the engine behind the Happymoor Movement – a team of professionals passionate about moving people both emotionally and as returning customers. Happymoor Crew inflames the Movement by working together and in a new way. We put effort not only into gathering and choosing the right Crew, but also into making sure that the new members swim into the engine room without getting lost in order to be able to start delivering Happymoor Tools for the merchants as part of the team. These tools help the Merchants delivering experiences, not only to engage customers but also make them come back for more. Once both the prospect Crew Member Entrepreneur and us already onboard feel that we are a match, Happymoor Start phase begins. The purpose of this phase is to deepen the connection by adding information to both parties. A competence profile makes competences visible and allows us to digitally match people to suitable teams, Happymoor tools and assignments. We at Happymoor Crew care about the competence development of our Happymoor Crew Members or Boatswains as we call them. Happymoor Start builds a foundation for systematic competence development through dialogue and planning. Sharing knowhow is the key component for self development of Boatswains. Competences aren’t the only thing affecting a team’s performance – also the behavior of each one of us has an impact. Whether we are fact or people oriented in our thinking, react quickly or take our time to decide, or whether we love to come up with new ideas or are more of analytical thinkers. All of us have our own style, usually a combination of the basic styles discovered by Carl Jung already in his time. To possess a single style is rare, combinations are much more common. None of the styles is better than the others – they all have their strengths and weaknesses. Identifying our personal style and that of other people helps us understand the challenges of interaction and provides opportunities to develop our abilities to interact with people of the other styles more successfully through slight moderation of our own behavior. For discovering the individual styles of our Boatswains, we use the Extended DISC analysis – developed by Finns. We do not use it to exclude anyone or to put people in order of how good they are. We use DISC because it provides us tools to work better together with other Boatswains and Happymoor Merchants. It is also an excellent tool for developing ones own interaction capabilities. MiiaHirvonen_www_CrewMiia Hirvonen Certified Extended DISC coach Crew Captain, Happymoor People & Biz  Contact me +358 40 513 4351 Join Happymoor Crew